There are many causes of spine disorders; some common, some rare. The causes may be grouped into broad categories as outlined below.

The links in the text below connect to information about specific spine conditions provided by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  This will give you useful background information and will help you to ask the right questions when you see us. To understand the basic way a spine is ‘built’ and to learn how it works, visit their website.

Motor vehicle accidents contribute a large proportion and the majority of spinal cord injury happens on the road.

The frequently injured regions of the spine include the Neck and the transitional zone of the spine between the Thoracic and Lumbar spine.  Every spine trauma case is different and a wide variety of techniques and approaches may be needed in dealing with them.  Posterior and anterior surgery is occasionally necessary.  Advances in spinal fixation have revolutionised the management of this group of patients however allowing earlier mobilisation and discharge from hospital for the majority. Less severe injuries such as whiplash can still be troublesome for some time; an excellent information and rehabilitation guide for whiplash sufferers published by the University of Queensland is available here.

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