Pain Free After Lumbar Decompression

Warren, 57, found his ability to walk any distance without discomfort challenging. He had a common condition called lumbar stenosis, which can arise from bony spurs that develop as we age and from the main spinal ligament which can also thicken over time. This thickening then puts pressure on the spinal nerves and sometimes the spinal cord itself which can make activities like standing periods of more than a few minutes and walking very difficult due to buttock and leg pain.

One of the NeuroSpine Institute surgeons performed a surgical procedure on Warren called Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression which involved the removal of some bone and the thickened ligament, enabling more space for the spinal nerves.

Warren’s condition had deteriorated to the point where after walking eighty steps, discomfort started and then progressively increased as walking continued. Warren commented “It usually started as pins and needles in my foot and increased to the feeling of my leg going to sleep and needing to be dragged.” Warren figured out that he “could ‘reset’ my body to normal by stopping walking and sitting down for 15-30 seconds.”

NeuroSpine Institute diagnosed Warren in early 2018 and with the pain increasing over the following 12 months, Warren then had a pain injection in 2019 which was effective. Warren’s symptoms unfortunately worsened over time and the Lumbar Decompression operation was performed in May 2020. “The diagnosis provided insight into what my body was doing and why, plus an understanding of how to manage the discomfort. The treatment and rehabilitation period has changed my life significantly.” Warren now has no discomfort and walks over 10,000 steps every day, having added walking to many regular activities. 

Life now for Warren is unbelievably different with an extraordinary change to his basic mobility. He has had no recurrence or limitations since the surgery and shared, “the surprise outcome is how well I sleep now and how I am no longer tired every day. The discomfort was obviously an issue during my sleep as well.”

For others going through a similar experience, Warren reminds “Sometimes managing to live with the discomfort, by making sacrifices to what you would normally do, makes you forget what it was like to live without the discomfort. Living without the discomfort after surgery, gives you an opportunity to do things you thought you could never do again.” Recently Warren managed a continuous walk for three hours, achieving 19,000 steps which adds to his remarkable tally of having now walked almost 600kms in less than 3 months.

Warren found his experience with NeuroSpine Institute very professional, encouraging and caring. His support person additionally provided tremendous encouragement through the process and beyond and was a key component of his recovery to being pain free.

NeuroSpine Institute surgeon commented “I am delighted that Warren has had a positive operative result which has dramatically changed the outcome of his future.” Minimally Invasive Decompression surgery is an increasingly common operation for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis and is performed by the highly experienced surgeons at NeuroSpine Institute.  “Prior to my operation I walked with discomfort and pain when with others to avoid the embarrassment of having to take regular ‘rests’, but now life is very different now – I lead the walking activities”.

*Picture for illustrative purposes only